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The group seminars target specific topics relevant to engaged individuals or individuals contemplating marriage. This forum provides education in a more informal and cost-efficient setting.  


Often in conjunction with outside professionals, including CPAs, therapists, and attorneys in various specialty areas, Vance Family Law offers two hour seminars in a small group setting (5-7 people) on topics relevant to engaged couples.   Questions are encouraged and can be submitted prior to the seminar anonymously or can be asked during the seminar. 

Topics Include:

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Chasing that White Picket Fence:

The Family House

Premarital Agreements: How to Have The Dreaded Conversation

Inheritances, Gifts,

and Lotteries, Oh My!

The Fiduciary Duty: Till' Death

Do us Part

Implications of Being a

Stay at Home Spouse/Parent

What's Mine is NOT Yours?!

Segregating Funds

For information and inquiries about the workshop schedule email us at:

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